How to disconnect from the power grid.

Technical components:

Solar Panels 75 * SunPower SPR-X22-360 modules 360W each - 27kW total DC
Solar Inverters 2 * SMA Sunny TriPower 12000TL-US 12kW each - 24kW total AC 480V AC - 14.4A each
Battery 1 * Tesla PowerPack 2.5 232kWh capacity 3phase 70kW 480V AC 2 x 75kVA inverter modules - 1 for redundancy
Transformer 1 * HPS Sentinel G SG3Y0075KB 480Y/277V -208Y/120V 75kVA

Link of videos and presentations that talk about my electrical setup at home.

My YouTube Channel

Video 1 : Introduction - quick drone fly over the property showing the solar arrays and battery pad

Presentation content from Monitoring video

Video 2 : Monitoring - monitoring tools I put together using Grafana, InfluxDB and Telegraf

Presentation content from walkaround video

Video 3 : Walkaround - In this video I go over some technical details of each component and then do a real walkaround the physical equipment, the most exciting part.